Our Friends Feature

If you have enjoyed our products we would love you to feature on our monthly 'Our Friends' section on the website, it may sound strange but as a small family business only one year old we find it so exciting to see our products being enjoyed all over the world and the wonderful comments and feedback, although we may be slightly eccentric and mad it drives us to keep going and hopefully convert the world to organic, natural products.

If you would like to feature all we need is:

A picture of you
As you know we are more than a little eccentric so your picture can be as quirky as you like, we also love if your not shy for your human to be in the picture too, it is so nice to see the face behind the pooch as you are just as important. If it is possible the picture to be in landscape format, it works best on our website but its not essential.

A little bit about you
We love to know a little but about you, whats your favourite food, pass times and of course all your naughty antics.

A link to your Instagram site
We also love to share your world so we include a link to your Instagram account, as well as increasing your Instagram traffic you can hopefully make some new friends along the way.

As a thank you we also offer you a unique discount code that you can share with your friends, family and Instagram followers as well as a special gift for you.

If you would like to get in touch please email neil@dugandbitch.co.uk