Dug and Bitch

Classic Five

£49 £54.50
Classic Five

Our classic five are a selection of our most popular products from the Dug and Bitch range, if you have never purchased from the range then it is a perfect way for you to dip your paw, or if you are a regular customer then you know they are the perfect products to indulge your four legged hairy friend.

  • Paw No.2 - Organic shea butter and beeswax paw balm infused with lavender essential oil.
  • Sleep No.1 - Organic lavender rich floral water sleep spray.
  • Skin No.5 - Organic vegetable soap bar infused with heather flower.
  • Nose No.2 - Organic shea butter and Virgin coconut nose balm.
  • Spa No.1 - Natural pink Himalayan salt fur soak.

When you buy our classic five you can save £5.50, normally £54.50 when purchased separately but in our classic five bundle £49.00

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