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TRADE T6 - Natural dead sea salt fur soak


Trade T6

Product : Natural dead sea salt fur soak.
Volume : 1000gr.
Packaging : Aluminium MET/POLY pouch, note metal content >18% so recyclable as metal.
Pack : 1 bottle
Note : Certified organic, SLS/SLES/MIT and Paraben Free.
Dosing : 20 treatments, based on 50gr per grooming.
Additional : Product can be used with T10/T11 adding 3 drops to water.

Ingredients : Sodium Chloride*.
*= natural ingredient

Directions for use : Wet the fur with warm water, dissolve 50 grams of the salts in a shallow warm water bath around 10 centimetres deep, gently pour the water over fur repeatedly for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, avoid contact with eyes and although harmless avoid ingesting.
NOTE If reaction occurs please discontinue use.

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