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Dug and Bitch is a small independent business based in the historical village of Traquair in the heart of the spectacular Scottish Borders.

I specialise in producing unique artisan dog products, small batch, organic, natural and unashamedly eccentric, every product is created in my own small workshop, simply I produce, bottle, label and quality check every item.

All my ingredients are organic, natural and can be sourced to a single, ethical source. I never use alcohol, parabens or chemicals in our products.

The slogan 'Tested on Humans' is not just for marketing, nothing goes on fur or paws until it is tested first by my family and willing friends.

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'Go on, sniff me bitch'

P1 - Bitch & Bollocks Organic Perfume Oil.

from my customers


My order has just arrived and I must say that it is probably the most carefully and lovingly packed order I have received in 2020.

Thanks for the complimentary paw balm and the little note, really put a smile on my face.
And I love the smell of the candle!

In those days of Amazon and faceless retail, the care you put into your brand is really delightful.


the woofs and whimpers

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