Woof News

  • Amy & Friends, Germany Calling

    Our products have arrived in the individual and unconventional (perfect for our eccentric family) Amy and Friends in Dortmund Germany. So if your pawing about at the weekend why not strut down and take a whimper at the range. Or why not take the time to grab a coffee and paw your way through th... View Post
  • Lets get festive 20% Discont

    Discount Code WOOF20, 20% off all orders*. Well I have reliability been told by my great neice Evie (my creative director) it's nearly Christmas and I have to stop being a Christmas humbug! So this is me trying to get my Christmas groove on.For the next 5 days we are offering 20% of all oders so... View Post
  • Introducing Elka and Kenya

    Dug and Bitch would love to Introduce you to Elka and Kenya, two beautiful Great Danes from Madrid, friends, family and product testers (the inspiration for shea butter and coconut noses).Elka and Kenya had a simple mission to improve the rest, sleep and daytime naps of all our hairy four legged ... View Post