friends feature, introducing Mumble!

We love to see our friends embracing our eccentric ways, introducing Mumble!

Hellow everybody ! My name is Mumble, I am a staffordshire bull terrier of almost 9 months . I live in Switzerland with my two moms, I love them a lot. I'm secretly in love with food, like everyone else I think! my moms take me wherever they can, l a good boy (if they give me some treats) ūüėā. When I‚Äôm at home, I love playing with my toys, with the cats or with m‚Äôy humains. of course, I also like to sleep like a big bacon.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR OUR NEXT MONTHLY STAR, want to be the next Mumble?

Have you enjoyed your Dug and Bitch product? Then we would love to feature you (and your human is welcome too) in our friends’ section, we update each week and would love you to get in contact, it's simple all we need is:

A landscape picture of you (humans allowed in the picture)
A little bit about you, naughty is good.
A link to your Instagram site.

Just drop us an email to enter, when you feature we offer you and all your hairy friends your own unique discount code and a free gift as a thank you.

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