Help Manage Anxiety

Help Manage Anxiety

In times of crisis, people have instinctively come together to share experiences, show solidarity, and to simply help each other, the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 is unprecedented in that the advice to self-isolate and distance ourselves from others is the exact opposite of what we as human beings want to do in times of crisis.

We also have to consider the impact our four legged hairy friends, I know my Libby (the family German short haired pointer) is feeling the effects, luckily we are remote so having a forest on our doorstep allows us access to outside space, a luxury that I know others don't have.

Another consideration is the change in routine, Libby is definitely bemused on why we are in the house so much and now when we leave the house to go to the local shop for essentials she is visibly far more distressed on our return.

Although we sell a range of relaxing sleep sprays and therapy candles, I thought I would share a recipe to make your own organic, natural anti-anxiety spray using items you can buy from your local grocery store (support local) that you can use on your hairy four legged friend and of course yourself.

It's simple, all you will need:

Organic chamomile tea bags.
(if you can get organic it's fine)

Recycled spray bottle.
(any spray bottle that has a mist spray, like those holiday travel ones, just make sure you wash it out completely using hot soapy water, DO NOT use a bottle that contained chemicals or medicines)

How to make:

Firstly boil the kettle, then place 1 chamomile tea bag in a glass measuring jar, then add 1 litre of boiling water, stir well (like you were making builders tea, bash the tea bag about well).

Allow to cool a little then place the glass measuring jar and chamomile tea in the fridge, leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours until completely cool.

Now pour the chamomile tea in to your spray bottle, give it a few squirts to get any of the soapy cleaning water out of the pump.

How to use:

Simply spray 2-3 pumps of the back of the neck and rub in to the fur and skin, also spray 2-3 pumps on the your dogs bedding and allow to dry.

How does it work:

Chamomile has been used for hundreds of years in herbal medicine, there have also been several laboratory studies on animals and has been proven safe and has mild sedative, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Enforce with behaviour:

It is also beneficial if you enforce with behavioural techniques, when you are relaxed, watching the television, listening to the radio or reading a book having that together time with your four legged hairy friend, spray a 2-3 pumps on your clothing, this associates the smell with the loving, relaxing together time, so when you go to the shops to grab your essentials and your four legged hairy friend is curled up in bed the smell on the bedding reminds them of that moment.

How long is the shelf life:

If you keep in the fridge it will last 4-5 days.

Does it work on humans:

Yes chamomile has the exact same affect on humans, keep a small bottle in your bag and when you feel stressed, 1 spray on your wrists and 1 spray under your neck, you can also spray under the tongue for those extra stressful moments.


Do not use on pregnant dogs, there have been some studies that caution against the use of chamomile in pregnant dogs.

Remember if you have any concerns please seek medical advice from your vet.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

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