Introducing Flicker

We are so pleased to be introducing ‘Flicker’ our new range of dog therapy candles. So I hear you say ‘Dog Therapy Candles’ are we mad, crazy, totally eccentric, well eccentric yes, it’s what we pride ourselves on, why should life be normal.

But on a serious note, aromatherapy dates back thousands of years from almost all cultures, from the early Egyptians who developed pots to distil essential oils from plants. They used these oils in their embalming processes, because of both their pleasant smell and their antibacterial properties.

The Chinese empire in traditional medicine and the Indian Ayurvedic practices, one notable example is chaulmoogra oil, which was a common pre-modern treatment for leprosy. It is also thought that these cultures were the first to use essential oils for mood enhancement.

Then most famously Hippocrates, who is considered the “father of medicine”, believed in holistic healing, and used aromatherapy massage in his treatments. This practice was passed on to the Romans, who also put a lot of stock in hygiene and fragrance as elements of personal health.

As you know with Dug and Bitch we create products that bring you and your loved four legged hairy friend together, that’s why our paw balms are never on a stick, we want you to take time together to apply our products, strengthen that bond and reinforce that special friendship that only a dog owner can understand.

So when we created our ‘Flicker’ range we wanted to create something that could create that perfect moment, environment to bring you closer, unlike human candles with an over powering scent our ‘Flicker’ range has perfectly balanced essential oils for your four legged hairy friend, simply our candles receive licks not sneezes.

We have 3 candles in the ‘Flicker’ range from ‘Uplifting Spirit’, ‘Relaxing Moments’ and ‘Emotional Well-being’ so you can choose the one to create that perfect moment, they are presented in either in a presentation glass jar, polished steel lid and kraft box, perfect for the special gift or a steel paint pot for a funky modern feel.

And as always, our candles are made from ECO soy wax, natural, environmentally friendly, vegan friendly, organic essential oils and all our packaging is recycled.

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