Lights Camera Action

Lights Camera Action

I just wanted to say a huge woofing thank you to our photoshoot competition winners Eddy and JP (you will see more of JP in the following weeks) and their wonderful owners for taking the time to spend the day with us, it was a day of woofs, barks, drool and whimpers, just such a perfect day and without them it would never have been possible.

I have to say a huge thank you to Kate the hotel owner of the historical Tontine Hotel in Peebles for allowing us the beautiful venue, Kate truly embraces 'dog friendly' so if you are in the borders please drop in and you will receive the warmest welcome.

I also can forget Cat the owner of Fetch and Flash for the photography, Cat is so amazingly talented and I don't know how she captures those perfect moments, If you are looking for that special gift why not visit and have a look at the amazing photography.

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