Change in the weather, central heating, do you have itchy, dry skin?

Change in the weather, central heating, do you have itchy, dry skin?

With the change in the weather and the central heating being turned on, are you having problems with itchy, dry skin?

It is such a common problem and can effect a lot of specific breeds, a simple, natural solution is to use pink Himalayan salts.

Pink Himalayan salts contain potassium and magnesium, these work on the skin by temporarily increasing the PH, the pink Himalayan salts help to enrich the water making it smooth and silky, which can help soften and moisturise the skin, the salt contains 84 minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphate, these minerals are also found in The Dead Sea and are reported to help improve skin conditions like dry skin and eczema.

So how does it work, simply the salts cause the PH to raise from around 4.9 to 8.0, the raised PH only lasts for a few hours then returns to normal, but in that time any fungus or bacteria will be killed and soothe the skin, this also stops any irrigation and inching.

You can follow these simple instructions to create the perfect soothing salt bath:

Step 1
Take 60ml (2 tablespoons) and dissolve them in 1 pint of boiling water in a grass jug, make sure you allow all the crystals to dissolve, so there are no sharp salt crystals that could scratch the skin, allow the water to cool.

Step 2
Run a 10cm bath then pour in the cooled dissolved salts.

Step 3
Wet the fur and gently pour the salt water over fur repeatedly for 5 minutes, avoid contact with eyes and although harmless avoid ingesting.

Step 4
Rinse thoroughly with plenty of fresh water for 5 minutes.


Low Sodium Diet
If your dog is on a low sodium intake diet avoid drinking ingesting the water.

Delicate Areas
Take care using product around the eye area, I would say this if you were using any product as the eyes are very sensitive, I recommend for the face area you use a lint-free cloth.

I also have a selection of gentle, mild organic shampoos and organic shampoo bars that are moisturising to the skin, my customers favourite products are my E7 - Organic sugar base shampoo bar that is certified organic to COSMOS standard and my E2 - Organic aloe vera base shampoo made from 83.6% organic ingredients, remember my shampoos bars are perfect for bath time wrigglers and my shampoos can be diluted 3-1 so a single bottle makes a litre.

Have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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