Tips and thoughts, are you ready for the 5th of November

Tips and thoughts, are you ready for the 5th of November

Well, it is that horrible time of year soon, so something I have done in the past that can help.

Start to prepare
So, start to prepare, if you can find your favourite music track, a candle or bottle of perfume, then find a quiet room in the house where the windows don’t face out to where fireworks are normally visible.

Create the environment
Then, create the environment, so two days before, light the candle or spray some perfume on your clothes, then put your favourite music track and curl up on the sofa, then just cuddle in to your four legged hairy friend, gently cuddling, stroking and lots of kisses, you can do this for around two hours, every twenty minutes turn the music up gradually, so at the end the music is not overly loud but a nice volume to help drown out outside noises.

Enjoy the evening
On the 5th, again prepare the room, create the environment, during the two days prior your four legged hairy friend will no longer find the behaviour unusual, also they will associate the music and smell with relaxing cuddling time,

I hope you all have a wonderful 5th of November.

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