Dug and Bitch welcomes FURST to the family



Your hairball is above all a being, a passion, a joy, a morning awakening, an excuse, a member of the family, a show, a look of love, an enthusiasm, a sports coach, a compass ... Our common goal is to give him all the love he has for you.



FURST wishes to refresh the lifestyle of pets, with a promise that is aimed at demanding owners of dogs and cats looking for innovative ideas and wishing to find what is best for their pet, to have fun , to please them and reflecting the values ​​and ideals of their lifestyle.

Positioned at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in the French capital in Paris and open to the international, FURST offers the best selection of products and accessories for canine and feline pets. The will is not that the products are only beautiful. The promise is that they are exceptional in every way.

The objective is to offer characterful, functional and sustainable articles, while pursuing a very selective high-end distribution strategy that takes into account both technical aspects of the materials used, well-being and also design, while integrating a responsible approach that has become necessary.

Imagine candies and cosmetics delivered directly to your home, a necklace and leash matched to your style and a relaxing sleeping that fits perfectly into your home!

FURST is proud to be the first House of Haute Griffure française and to accompany you to spoil your companion with what is best.



It all started when the co-founders, surrounded by their friends, did not find a place offering adapted, durable and stylish products. Either the design did not meet the requirements of good tastes to integrate with style in the house, or did not take into account the Planet, its inhabitants and the interest of the animal.

After looking for reliable and elegant products without success, they decided to select and combine what is best. FURST, the little "prince", is born: an online concept store where you find design, functional and responsible products designed for the comfort of your companion. By bringing together the most "conscious" brands in combination with the development of clean products, FURST is able to provide the best products for dogs and cats.

Inspired by the unconditional love and trust of our hair friends and the importance of sustainable development, FURST is built on PASSION, CONFIDENCE and RESPONSIBLE values. Thus, it is the basis of all that is undertaken to satisfy you.

At the initiative of two Parisians, Maxime and Benjamin, FURST was imagined with the idea of ​​bringing a new look, a new impetus to the universe of pets.

Maxime, passionate about the art of living, with his very precise vision of quality, detail, craftsmanship, the nuances of French haute couture and the emerging trends of conscious fashion, dusting the stereotypical offer of the market and breaks the codes to offer an open world, which combines the trends of the house, the beauty and the animal world, concentrating all that is essential to our dogs and our cats, while being pleasant for their owners.

Benjamin, with his experience as a veterinary doctor, his network and his qualitative requirement in the primary interest of the animal, naturally brings a consulting expertise but also his look of master of an adorable Beagle, as for the comfort, the well-being and safety of our dear hairballs.

Both are keen to integrate the issue of accessibility to content for people with disabilities, and more generally for all customers regardless of their access devices or their environmental conditions.

FURST is the synthesis of quality, elegance and energy of a demanding approach that aims the best for the welfare of animals and its customers.



In its pursuit of excellence for the alliance of design and a way of life, FURST presents a sophisticated selection of products, accessories and more ... must-haves for felines and canines to adopt now! An ambitious and unconventional styling around contemporary furniture, glassware, fashion and small details highlighting elegance, a trendy and refined design (practical but also aesthetic), by the use of noble materials, comfortable and of high quality integrating perfectly in the refined universe of the habitat and the style of the master.

A cosmetic and gastronomic line for the well-being of the animal, with healthy tendencies, completes the range. An educational suite and fun toys, connected services and interior decoration, inspired by the animal, comes to crown the collection.

The ensemble focuses on modern, refined and warm silhouettes, tailor-made manufacturing and a very particular attention to detail, both in design and function, to respond to the principle: "form follows function".



Based on their veterinary expertise and quality requirements, each product is assessed both by specifications and real-life tests, in accordance with our quality guidelines, including durability, style, functionality, comfort and well-being.

So, you as your favorite companion, feel safe with all the products available at FURST. We believe that buying good products should be easy and inspiring, to satisfy you and leave you with a lot less hassle and most importantly, with more time spent with your beloved pet who is part of your family.

For the first time in the world of pets, a responsible approach, with ethical and sustainable qualities, is fully integrated to enforce the best standards of the moment of conscious fashion.

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