Friends feature, introducing Naya!

We love to see our friends embracing our eccentric ways, introducing Naya!

Hello, here I am Naya a small French bulldog female 1 year old living in France in a small country with my mother Charlotte 23 years old! I love to eat, go for walks and sleep.

We really like the Dug and Bitch brand for their natural products, we strongly favor bio.

To our credit we use Paw No.3 Pad Balm, Sleep No.2 Sleep Spray, Nose No.1 Truffle Moisturizer and most recently Fur No.3 Shampoo. Quality products, organic, we recommend without hesitation this beautiful shop! In addition the manager is simply adorable ūü•į

WE ARE LOOKING FOR OUR NEXT MONTHLY STAR, want to be the next Mumble?

Have you enjoyed your Dug and Bitch product? Then we would love to feature you (and your human is welcome too) in our friends’ section, we update each week and would love you to get in contact, it's simple all we need is:

  • A landscape picture of you (humans allowed in the picture)
  • A little bit about you, naughty is good.
  • A link to your Instagram site.

Just drop us an email to enter, when you feature we offer you and all your hairy friends your own unique discount code and a free gift as a thank you.

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